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The funding of Kanturo-Hilfe is provided by the considerable voluntary commitment of its members. The costs for fundraising as well as traveling expenses for the selection of new project places and schools are borne by the members of Kanturo-Hilfe. Thus 100% of the donations reach the children and people.

The school visit is free of charge for children in Ghana from kindergarden to the end of the sixth class in state schools. If a school building is available in a village for at least four classes, the state administration takes over the construction of the school and the provision and payment of the teachers.

Nevertheless, there are high inhibitions for parents, who often have six to eight children. For each child, they have to provide a school uniform, the learning materials and the table and the chair itself. Therefore, many parents send only part of their children to school.

We want to offer a voucher for the table, chair and school uniform for every family who sends another child to school and to make uniforms and furniture directly and cost-effectively in the village.


Application examples for concrete needs in Kanturo:

  • 8 € for a school uniform (made in the village)
  • 16 € for a table and a chair for one kid
  • 25 € learning materials for one class for one complete year
  • 620 € for the equipment of a kitchen (including pots, kitchen utensils, 250 plates for the food)
 Töpfe und Teller
  • 960 € for the construction of a school toilet including water tab to wash hands with rain water
  • 1125 € for the construction of a drinking water well
  • 2085 € for the construction of a kitchen in compliance with government regulations, so that the school can participate in the state financed “School Feeding Programme” with daily provision for all pupils.